Application for the professional recognition of foreign professional qualifications (non EU) to teach in Flanders
doc. nr. 12454

What is the purpose of this form?

You apply for the professional recognition of a foreign professional qualification at AGODI. This professional qualification comes from a country that is not a EU Member State, with the exception of Switzerland, and is recognized in a Member State of the European Union. With this professional recognition you want to teach in Flanders.

You can have this professional qualification recognized by AGODI if you have relevant professional experience for at least three years. You must have built up those three years of relevant professional experience in the EU Member State that has recognized your professional qualification.

On the basis of the professional recognition, AGODI issues a certificate of conformity. That certificate is valid for an unlimited period. This certificate must be submitted to the Flemish education institution where you apply for a job.

The certificate of conformity does not provide any teaching authority in higher education in Flanders, since the university colleges and universities in Flanders are autonomously competent for their recruitment policy.

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