Application for the professional recognition of a foreign teaching qualification in Flanders
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What is the purpose of this form?

By completing this form, you are applying to the Flemish Agency for Educational Services (AgODi) for the professional recognition of a teaching qualification you obtained in a Member State of the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland. The EEA consists of the Member States of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. A professional recognition is the application of an European directive for the access to professions for which conditions with regard to the diploma required are defined.

Since 1 March 2017 AgODi grants this professional recognition only for the access to regulated professions in the Flemish compulsory education, part-time education in the arts and adult education. Before this date, the awarding of the professional recognition was one of the tasks of NARIC-Vlaanderen.

On the basis of the professional recognition, AgODi issues a conformity certificate. This certificate must be submitted to the education institution in case of a job application.

Attention please! If you want to teach in Flemish education, recognition of your diploma does not suffice. You must also prove that you are sufficiently proficient in Dutch, the teaching language in Flanders.

More information on the language requirements and the way in which you can prove your command of the language can be found at the following website

When are you not eligible for the professional recognition of your teaching qualification by AgODi?

If you want to teach in an educational institution that is subsidised by the French Community of Belgium, you are not eligible for a professional recognition by AgODi. In that case, you will be referred to the NARIC centre of the French Community of Belgium:

Direction de la Réglementation et de l’Equivalence des Diplômes d’Enseignement supérieur

Service de la reconnaissance académique et professionnelle des diplômes étrangers
Rue Adolphe Lavallée, 1, B-1080 Bruxelles
Tel.: +32(0)2 690 89 00 - Fax: +32(0)2 690 88 90

Email :    

Website :

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